Friday, June 12, 2015

100 Stitches Plus

100 Stitches plus is a continuation of my 100 Stitches journey....

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Category :  Flat Stitches

    Back Stitch and Threaded Back Stitch
    Cable Stitch
    Chevron Stitch
    Cross Stitch     
    Double Back Stitch
    Eyelet Holes
    Fern Stitch
    Fishbone Stitch
    Flat Stitch
    Herringbone Stitch 
    Holbein Stitch
    Leaf Stitch
    Long and Short Stitch
    Open Fishbone Stitch     
    Overcast Stitch
    Pekinese Stitch
    Portuguese Stem Stitch
    Roumanian Stitch
    Running Stitch and Laced Running Stitch
    Satin Stitch
    Ship's Ladder Stitch
    Stem Stitch
    Straight Stitch
    Threaded Herringbone Stitch
Category :  Looped Stitches

     Blanket stitch or Buttonhole Stitch
     Buttonhole Stitch with Picot
     Button hole Stitch Bars 
     Chained Feather Stitch
     Closed Buttonhole Stitch    
     Closed Feather Stitch 
     Cretan Stitch 
     Cup Stitch
     Double Buttonhole Stitch Bars
     Feather Stitch
     Fly Stitch
     Knotted Buttonhole Stitch
     Ladder Stitch
     Loop Stitch 
     Open Cretan Stitch
       Reversed Fly Stitch
       Rosette of Thorns Stitch
     Scroll Stitch
     Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch 
     Vandyke Stitch
     Whipped Blanket Stitch

Category : Linked Stitches

      Cable Chain Stitch     
     Chain Stitch
     Checkered Chain Stitch
     Heavy Chain Stitch
     Lazy Daisy Stitch
     Open Chain Stitch   
     Rosette Chain Stitch
     Singalese Chain Stitch
     Split Stitch  
     Twisted Chain Stitch
     Wheatear Stitch
     Zig-zag Cable Chain Stitch 
     Zig-zag Chain Stitch
Category : Knotted Stitches

     French Knot
     Bullion Stitch
     Coral Stitch
     Zig-zag Coral Stitch
     Knot Stitch Edging
     Knotted Cable Chain Stitch
     Double Knot Stitch
       French Knot Border Stitch
       Pistil Stitch
     Spanish Knotted Feather Stitch

Category : Composite Stitches

     Butterfly Chain Stitch
     Interlaced Band Stitch
     Interlacing Stitch
       French Knot Border Stitch
       Laced Blanket Stitch
     Maltese Cross
     Portuguese Border Stitch
       Point a la Minute Stitch
     Raised Chain Band
      Rose Stitch
     Step Stitch
     Striped Woven Band
     Threaded Running Stitch
       Whipped Stem Stitch

Category : Couching and Filling Stitches

     Fancy Stitch
     Roumanian Couching
     Basket Filling Stitch
     Bokhara Couching
       Bunched Couching Stitch
     Burden Stitch
       Croatian Stitch
     Trellis or Jacobean Couching
     Sheaf Filling Stitch
     Seeding Stitch
     Spider Web Filling Stitch
     Punch Stitch
       Pendant Couching Stitch

Category : Drawn Thread Embroidery

     Interlaced Hemstitch
     Zig-zag Hemstitch
     Hemstitch with Coral Stitch Clusters
     Double or Italian Hemstitch
     Overcast Bars
     Woven Bars

Category : Canvas Embroidery

     Tent Stitch
     Gobelin Stitch
     Double Cross Stitch
     Long-legged Cross Stitch
     Rice Stitch
     Knotted Stitch

Category : Drawn Fabric Embroidery

     Star Eyelet
     Honeycomb Filling Stitch
     Wave Stitch Filling
     Diagonal Raised Band
     Ringed Back Stitch Filling
     Mosaic Filling
     Pin Stitch
     Three-sided Stitch
     Four-sided Stitch

Category : Insertion Stitches

     Buttonhole Insertion Stitch
     Twisted Insertion Stitch
     Knotted Insertion Stitch


Lilasesazuis Gata said...

Oh, KIm, querida,

Grata por disponibilizar todos esse lindos paps para nós!!

Gostei imenso!

beijinhos, tenha um domingo bem bonito!

Lígia e =^.^=

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

nicely organized. Thank you so much for sharing your skill and knowledge. Your instructions are so easy to follow.

Paula Marcondes said...

Thank you very much! All the stitches are very well explained & show, amazing photos. Great for learning.

Kim said...

Olá Ligia,
Obrigado pela sua doce comentário! Espero que vocês tenham uma semana maravilhosa :)
Hi Carol - Thank you :) I am still surprised that I have learned all of these!
Paula Marcondes - Thank you!! These posts are really enjoyable for me to do - I am so happy to hear if they are helpful!

DIane Warburton said...

Oh my life - what an extensive list. Thank you so much x

Kim said...

Hi Diane Warburton - You are welcome! It is a long list :) I still have quite a few more to learn!