Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gingerbread Embroidery Finish

I finished my gingerbread house!  I first blogged about this project {here}.  As I noted in that post, I stitched the entire project in perle cotton floss. 

I ended up using nine different stitches on this project.  They are:
The Satin Stitch for all the gumdrops, the stripes on the candy canes and the door knob.
The Double Knot Stitch for the roof outline.  
French Knots on the roof and scalloped eave.  
The Whipped Back Stitch for the round candies, the roof lines, and the door panels.  
The Whipped Blanket Stitch  for the door frame.  Couching for the inside of the two fudge sickles and over the Cross Stitches at the base of the house.  
Back Stitch for the house pillars, the sucker sticks, and the base line.  
Straight Stitch for the diagonal lines on the sucker sticks. 

The gingerbread house motif is from the embroidery pattern set Gingerbread.

I used a vibrant color palette consisting of five different colors.

Here are the color numbers: