Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Point a la Minute Stitch

Time for another 100 Stitches Plus post!  

I have learned a new stitch from Mary Webb's book Embroidery Stitches.

This is the Point a la Minute Stitch.  

This stitch consists of eight Straight Stitches arranged to form a cross shape with an open center.  It is made up of two sets of two vertical and two sets of two horizontal stitches.  These stitches are then whipped all the way around the cross shape.

To start, I formed the four vertical Straight Stitches: 

And then the four horizontal Straight Stitches:

For the whipping, I came up through the fabric under one of the horizontal stitches:

and whipped {or wrapped} the working floss around the Straight Stitch - notice the needle does not go back into or pick up any of the fabric, it just slides along the surface of the fabric, under the Straight Stitch: 

I kept whipping around and around:

and once the first Straight Stitch was completely whipped, I moved onto the vertical: 

I whipped my way around all of the Straight Stitches:

When all of the Straight Stitches were whipped, I was back to where I started and just went back into the fabric 

and secured my floss underneath. Since most of the action takes place on top of the fabric, this leaves the underside very neat:

The floss i used is a perle cotton floss.  This color is DMC color variations no. 4040

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