Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Embroidery Ornament - Finishing The Back Of The Hoop / Project Details

Here are all the details of the monogram Christmas ornament project I first posted about{here}.

I used four different stitches on this project.  For the letter, the evergreen and gold flower stems I used the Back Stitch.  The evergreen needles, the snowflakes and star are all Straight Stitch.  The red berries are French Knots and the gold leaves are Lazy Daisy Stitch.

I used a simple color palette as well - here are the floss color numbers:

Each monogram in this pattern set is perfectly sized to fit a 3" embroidery hoop.  When I stitched this, I used a larger hoop with a generous amount of fabric.  This made for an easier time stitching and also ensured that I had enough fabric so I could gather the raw fabric edges and finish them on the backside of the hoop.

When I finished the stitching, I transferred it to the 3" hoop:

Next, using about 20" of embroidery floss, I ran a Basting Stitch all the way around the hoop.  I made  sure to leave 2" tails of floss both at the beginning of the Basting Stitch and at the end. 

I trimmed my fabric to about 1-1/2" from the Basting Stitch line:

Then I gently pulled both floss tails until the fabric gathered into a tight circle around the backside of the hoop.  I tied the tails together.

To make a clean finish on the backside of the hoop, I used a 3" circle of cardstock.

and glued it to the hoop.

I added a red cord to the tightening screw on the hoop and my ornament was ready to hang!

Friday, December 15, 2023

Monogram Christmas Ornament

I have a new hand embroidery pattern set available in my shop.  This one is titled Monogram Christmas Ornament. 
I will be posting all about my stitches and color palette numbers from this "M" monogram soon!