Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sly Fox Embroidery Work-In-Progress

I have a quick update to my Sly Fox embroidery project.  You may remember when I last posted about this project I had just started on the fox's tail and the flower/leaves border:

Since that post, I have not made any progress on the fox stitching but I have finished the border :

The purple flower in the middle has a Stem Stitch outline, Trellis Couching Stitch inside and a Satin Stitch center.  The green plants are Stem Stitch stems with Lazy Daisy Stitch leaves.  The pale green leaves are Stem Stitch outlines with Straight Stitches for fill. The fill on the orange leaves is Seeding Stitch in two colors.

I will be back soon to share my progress on the fox!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

4th Of July Embroidery

I have made some progress on a few items that I mentioned in my last post.  
First up is this heart.  I used quite a few different stitches on this one and I love the result!
The blue lines are Double Knot Stitch.  In between each of the blue lines are Straight Stitches done in sliver metallic thread. The red outline is Back Stitch and the red lines are done in Stem Stitch.  The white lines are done in Chain Stitch.  The white stars are outlined with Back Stitch and filled with Straight Stitches.

I also finished this star.  The outline is all done with Whipped Back Stitch.  The inside is done with Trellis Couching Stitch:

If you look closely, you can see that the couching is done with silver metallic thread:

So these two are finished:

and I still have a few more to stitch:

Monday, June 13, 2016

Works In Progress

I have three new hand embroidery projects to share. Two are actually in progress and one is still in the planning stages.  
First up is this sleeping fox.  
These motifs are from my Sly Fox pattern set.  I combined a few border motifs with the fox and text of "sleep little fox".  I have just gotten started on part of the border and the fox's tail:

I am also working on this beautiful horse.  This motif is from my I Love Horses embroidery pattern set.  I am working the mane with Double Knot Stitch and Stem Stitch.  So far for colors I have a lot of pink, purples and I am thinking of adding a few shades of mint green:

The project in planning is something for the Fourth of July...

I will be sure to keep posting my progress on these three projects!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wedding Wreath - Part Three

I have an update to my wedding wreath stitching that I first posted about here and here.  
I transferred the bridal couple's initials and the ceremony date to the middle of the wreath motif:

Then I stitched the wreath:

I used the bride's colors - this beautiful palette:

And lastly, I stitched in the initials and the date:

I only used two stitches for this whole project, the Stem Stitch and French Knots.  

Here is a list of the floss colors I used:

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Owl Embroidery Project - Part Two

You may remember my owl stitching project {part one}.  Since that post, I finished all the stitching.  
For the motif at the bottom, I did a Whipped Stem Stitch in blue with silver metallic cord:

I finished the owl with some French Knots on his wings and head:

I love the color palette I used on this sweet owl.  It really looks good with the blue and silver.
Here are the colors I used for this project:


Monday, May 23, 2016

Roman Filling Stitch

This interesting stitch is the Roman Filling Stitch. This is the latest stitch I have learned from my 100 Stitches Plus list.

I found the directions for this stitch in Embroidery Stitches by Mary Webb.  This stitch is made up of two stitches, a series of seven vertical Straight Stitches in varying lengths, each crossed with a tiny horizontal Straight Stitch.  It is a good stitch to use for filling in large shapes.

That sounds really simple and straightforward right?

For me, it was so hard to keep the stitch spacing even and my lines straight!  

I used a ruler and marked guidelines, but still....

For my demonstration, I used perle cotton floss in black and white.  With the single strand perle cotton it is so much easier to see my process.  I also spaced my stitches pretty far apart so that you can easily see them.

So first off, I drew two parallel guidelines 1/2" apart. I brought my needle up through the fabric on the top guideline.  I found it easiest to make the longest vertical Straight Stitch first and then space all the others off that.

I pulled all the way through and then went back into the fabric on the bottom guideline:

That formed the first Straight Stitch.

Then I added six more vertical Straight Stitches, evenly spaced with three on each side of the longest stitch.

When that was finished, the next step is the horizontal stitches across each vertical stitch.  I used white floss for this step:

I came up through the fabric alongside the first stitch on the left side:

and went back into the fabric on the right side of the first stitch:

I pulled all the way through to make the first horizontal Straight Stitch.  

Then I just repeated that over each of the vertical stitches:

Here is a view of the underside of the stitching:

This is a fairly simple stitch and I am looking forward to trying this as a filler for some larger shapes in my embroidery.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Fox Embroidery Pattern

I have a new hand embroidery pattern set available in my Etsy shop.  
Titled Sly Fox, it features a sly little fox and his woodland home.  
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen this picture:

I was having some fun coloring some of the images with art pencils. 

Since then, I have stitched up this image.  I really like his sweet face:

Especially his Satin Stitched eyes.  I used the Lazy Daisy stitch for the flowers:

There are so many images, text and borders in this pattern set.  I have a lot of projects planned.  Here is a look at the set: