Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Le Chat - Part Two

I have an update to share on my Le Chat work-in-progress.  You may remember this kitty from my earlier post {here}.   Since that post, he has been outlined in gray floss and had all his features stitched.

Once I finish the bicycle basket, I think he will look very comfortable surrounded by these beautiful flowers.  

I stitched the flowers in Straight Stitch with French Knot centers.

For the kitty's collar, I used Stem Stitch for the pink outline and Satin Stitch for the jewels.  I really love his eyes - this is blending filament satin stitched:

Here are the floss colors I have used so far.  I am still wondering about the best color to use for the bicycle basket...

I will keep you updated on my progress with this project!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Whipped Blanket Stitch

I have a stitch from my 100 Stitches Plus list * to share. This is the Whipped Blanket Stitch.  

I have admired this as a decorative stitch,and wanted to learn how to do it.   I found the instructions in the book Embroidery Stitches by Mary Webb.  

The first step is to make a line of blanket stitch.  I used perle cotton floss - this is dmc color variations #3840.  Then I selected a nice contrasting color for the whipping - this blue is dmc #798.

The first step is to come up through the fabric on the right edge - just below the horizontal line of blanket stitching: 

Pull the floss all the way through:

 Then bring the needle around and slide it under the horizontal line of the blanket stitch - in between the two vertical lines of the stitch.  Don't pierce the fabric, just slide on top of it.

 Pull the floss all the way and this will create the first wrap or whip around the horizontal line:

Here is a better look at the whip:

Now, just like before, bring the needle around and slide it down between the next two vertical lines of stitching and under the horizontal line:

Pull the floss through:

and just continue doing those same steps all along the line of blanket stitching.

To finish mine, I just went back into the fabric when I reached the end of the vertical stitching lines: 

 Then I secured my floss on the underside:

This is an easy stitch to do and I am really looking forward to using this as a decorative edging.
I like the contrasting colors!  I also think it would look good with tone on tone or with a metallic floss for the whipping.

This stitch is in the Looped Stitches category.

* 100 Stitches Plus
 You may have noticed in my last post, the "100 Stitches Plus" title with a list of categorized stitches. I will be adding to this list as I continue to learn new stitches - you can read about how this all started and my plans to continue here .  
If you want to see any of the 100 Stitches Plus posts, you can click on the 100 Stitches Plus icon on the left side of this blog or follow the label link.

Friday, June 12, 2015

100 Stitches Plus - Stitch List By Category

Click on the stitch name to see the corresponding post.

Category :  Flat Stitches

     Stem Stitch
     Pekinese Stitch
     Cable Stitch
     Running Stitch and Laced Running Stitch
     Fern Stitch
     Satin Stitch
     Back Stitch and Threaded Back Stitch
     Straight Stitch
     Long and Short Stitch
     Flat Stitch
     Fishbone Stitch
     Open Fishbone Stitch
     Leaf Stitch
     Roumanian Stitch
     Herringbone Stitch 
     Threaded Herringbone Stitch
     Double Back Stitch
     Chevron Stitch
     Overcast Stitch
     Cross Stitch
     Holbein Stitch
     Eyelet Holes
     Portuguese Stem Stitch

Category :  Looped Stitches

     Blanket stitch or Buttonhole Stitch
     Whipped Blanket Stitch
     Closed Buttonhole Stitch
     Knotted Buttonhole Stitch
     Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch
     Buttonhole Stitch with Picot
     Button hole Stitch Bars 
     Double Buttonhole Stitch Bars
     Feather Stitch
     Closed Feather Stitch
     Chained Feather Stitch
     Scroll Stitch
     Loop Stitch
     Vandyke Stitch
     Cretan Stitch
     Open Cretan Stitch
     Ladder Stitch
     Fly Stitch

Category : Linked Stitches

     Chain Stitch
     Lazy Daisy Stitch
     Twisted Chain Stitch
     Open Chain Stitch
     Zig-zag Chain Stitch
     Heavy Chain Stitch
     Cable Chain Stitch
     Zig-zag Cable Chain Stitch
     Checkered Chain Stitch
     Rosette Chain Stitch
     Singalese Chain Stitch
     Split Stitch
     Wheatear Stitch

Category : Knotted Stitches

     French Knot
     Bullion Stitch
     Coral Stitch
     Zig-zag Coral Stitch
     Knot Stitch Edging
     Knotted Cable Chain Stitch
     Double Knot Stitch
     Spanish Knotted Feather Stitch

Category : Composite Stitches

     Interlaced Band Stitch
     Interlacing Stitch
     Maltese Cross
     Portuguese Border Stitch
     Raised Chain Band
     Step Stitch
    Striped Woven Band

Category : Couching and Filling Stitches

     Roumanian Couching
     Bokhara Couching
     Trellis or Jacobean Couching
     Sheaf Filling Stitch
     Seeding Stitch
     Spider Web Filling Stitch
     Punch Stitch

Category : Drawn Thread Embroidery

     Interlaced Hemstitch
     Zig-zag Hemstitch
     Hemstitch with Coral Stitch Clusters
     Double or Italian Hemstitch
     Overcast Bars
     Woven Bars

Category : Canvas Embroidery

     Tent Stitch
     Gobelin Stitch
     Double Cross Stitch
     Long-legged Cross Stitch
     Rice Stitch
     Knotted Stitch

Category : Drawn Fabric Embroidery

     Star Eyelet
     Honeycomb Filling Stitch
     Wave Stitch Filling
     Diagonal Raised Band
     Ringed Back Stitch Filling
     Mosaic Filling
     Pin Stitch
     Three-sided Stitch
     Four-sided Stitch

Category : Insertion Stitches

     Buttonhole Insertion Stitch
     Twisted Insertion Stitch
     Knotted Insertion Stitch

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy Birthday

 In addition to embroidery patterns, I really enjoy designing graphics.  I like to use them in my own personal projects and they work well as clip art.  In fact, I have added a new clip art set to my Etsy shop! 
This is the Happy Birthday set filled with birthday themed elements.  They are perfect for making cards, scrapbook pages, gift tags etc.  

They are easy to use, easy to re-size and can be positioned and rotated.  Plus they are png format so they have a transparent background.  This makes them perfect for layering and printing or using digitally such as on digital pictures, your website or blog.

I already added two of the elements on my blog!  You can see on the left side bar, above and below my embroidery pattern list, I used the flower garlands.

I included six digital papers that match the elements of the clip art.

I have been having fun working with these elements, I made this sweet gift tag.  I used the blue polka dot paper, the oval frame {this frame has a white filled center so that you can write on it or add lettering - the frames also come with no filling in the center so that you can place them over other elements} and one of the polka dot flowers.  I really like the result:

I know I will be using this set a lot!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

4th of July Embroidery

Isn't this combination of floss beautiful?! I used these three when I stitched up this heart full of stars from the 4th of July pattern:

This was such a quick and simple project!  It is a nice size too, here it is in my 6" hoop:

I used three different stitches for this project.  The outline is done in Stem Stitch, always a great choice of a stitch for a curved line.  The dots are French Knots and the stars are done in Roumanian Couching Stitch.  I like the Roumanian Couching Stitch to fill shapes, plus it really shows off the color variations in the floss:

I am not sure what I am going to do with this...

I have a dark denim tote bag that it would look good on:

The floss I used was dmc perle cotton color variations.  Here are the numbers:

I am transferring some more motifs from this pattern, I will be back to share those projects soon!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hawaii Stitching

You can see I have been very busy stitching up motifs from the new Hawaii Embroidery pattern.  I finished the Aloha and hula dancer:

and this pineapple and flower:

I used all perle cotton for stitching the pineapple.  I especially like the Chain Stitch in this variegated floss.  It really gave the pineapple great color and texture. 

I used the Fishbone Stitch for the leaves.  For the purple flower, I used Stem Stitch for the outline, Blanket Stitch for the center radials and French Knots for the center.  The petals are filled with Seed Stitch:

Here are the colors and numbers of the floss I used on these two projects.

For the aloha and hula dancer:

For the pineapple and flower:

Up next is this Mahalo with flowers and bamboo and then these tiki statues!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hawaii Embroidery Pattern

I have a new embroidery pattern in my Etsy shop!  It is called Hawaii and it is filled with all sorts of Hawaiian-themed motifs. 

The first motif that I have started stitching is this Aloha with flowers and a Hula dancer. 

Next up will be this little pineapple and flower:

Here is a look at the pattern: