Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easter Egg Part Two

I am posting a progress report on my Easter egg project.  I have completed the ribbon and most of the decorative stitching on the egg.

Now I am starting on the flowers at the bottom of the egg.   First I am outlining the flower in the back stitch and then filling them in with the long and short stitch:

I am using two floss colors for each flower:

Now I need to fill in the flower centers and add all the decorative French knots!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Easter Egg - Part One

 I am starting an Easter egg stitching project.  I am stitching this egg onto white fabric.  The egg features a ribbon at the top, decorative lines and some flowers at the base.  There are a lot of opportunities for color:

I am settling in on this color scheme - light and dark greens, pinks, blues and purples.  I have a yellow for the flower centers and of course white for the egg :)

I used perle cotton for the egg outline.  I am stitching the ribbon in the light purple cotton floss, this is such a pretty color!
To fill the ribbon, I am using lines of split stitch.  I used the back stitch in green to add a decorative line to the egg.  I like the look that two shades of green give this:

Here is a close up of the split stitching:

I will post some more pictures as I progress!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart Work-in-progress Finished

The heart work in progress is finished!

I love the way this turned out!

I did the text "Amor" in back stitch, except for the heart shaped "o".  For that I used the Bokhara Couching Stitch.  Remember that stitch?  I demonstrated how I learned that here

I think it is a wonderful stitch to fill in small shapes:

Here is the text after the blue water soluble pen marks have been washed out:

Once I finished the text, I used my pinking shears to cut all around my fabric piece.  Then I took apart a picture frame

You may remember this frame from when I framed my picture from the Flowers Embroidery Pattern.  I like to use this frame with no glass, it is perfect for displaying embroidery and I can change the picture all the time:

I tied a double bow from the ribbon and secured it with embroidery floss.  Then I used double backed tape to secure the bow to the fabric:

Then I put it on a shelf in my office:

Amor!  Just in time for Valentine's day!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A new pattern!

I am so happy to announce that I have a new embroidery pattern packet in the shop!  This one is called "Easter" and it is filled with wonderful, whimsical Easter motifs. 

Here I am getting ready to cut out the individual motifs.  This one has around 46 different images.  I am going to be organizing them the same way I posted about here

Now I am selecting some Easter color palettes.   I like to collect bunny figurines and they always offer a nice color palette.  I love this sweet inspiration:

as well as these happy colors:

This is what the pdf pattern packet looks like!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's day heart progress

I have a progress report on this little project. Since that last post, I added some fiber-fill stuffing under the heart and then finished all the blanket stitching around the edge of the heart.

Here is a closer look at the blanket stitch.  It did a really nice job keeping all the stuffing in and the heart secure to the backing fabric. 

Now to add some text!  I decided to use the Portuguese word for love - amor.  It looks really beautiful written out - especially with a heart for the "o"

To transfer my pattern to my fabric, I used my water-soluble marking pen.  This fabric is fairly easy to see through so I taped my word to a hard, smooth surface.  In this case a clipboard:

Then I put the fabric over the top and traced the word:

Now I am ready to start stitching! 

I have a few more steps after this stitching is done, I will keep you updated with  my progress!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Patisserie cake wip - finished

Remember my La Patisserie cake wip? I finished the next cake.

I am really pleased with the result:

For the cake plate, I used a combination of these two greens.  I used the whipped running stitch to give the cake plate a decorative edge.   

I used two different pinks on this project.  A light pink for the cake and a darker pink for the cake decorations:

You can really see the color difference here:

I used three strands of floss for the cake body, and six strands for the top of the cake:

I stitched all the decorations using six strands of the dark pink, then I switched back to only three strands to do the very top of the rose.

You can see here the smaller line of stitching that using just three strands gives:

All the stitching is done and I washed out the blue transfer lines:

Now I am going to start on another one! 

Here are the floss colors and numbers I used for this project: