Thursday, June 10, 2021

Seahorse Embroidery Design - Part Two


I finished my seahorse embroidery project.  I stitched this seahorse onto a table napkin.

I added some beautiful trim to the napkin hem:

Here are the stitch and color details for this project. The starfish is Fishbone Stitch .  
The seahorse is filled with rows of Split Stitch .  His mane and fin are Blanket Stitch.  His eye is Satin Stitch surrounded by Back Stitch.  The accent lines are Stem Stitch and Back Stitch.  All of the bubbles are Satin Stitch.

For his tail, the accent lines are Straight Stitch with French Knots:

You might notice some sparkly threads woven throughout to add highlights and also on the bubbles.  I used gold metallic and number 001 blending filament from Kreinik.  

Here are the floss colors and numbers I used for the rest of the project.