Saturday, May 31, 2014

Easter Motifs - Part Five

Remember my Easter motif ? 

Since I last posted about this project, I have completed the eggs.   I used a variety of stitches on these.  On the pink egg, you may recognize {from left to right} the Threaded Back Stitch, the Herringbone Stitch, the Chain Stitch, and the Fern Stitch.  I used French Knots to accent some of the stitches.  Also the lavender egg is filled with French knots:

For the purple and lavender egg, I used {from top to bottom} the chain stitch, two rows {in opposite directions}of Blanket Stitch and the Whipped Back Stitch.  All the eggs are outlined in the Stem Stitch.  I used three strands of floss for the outlines. 

This was such a fun project!  I recorded all the pertinent information in my journal:

Here is the color palette I used:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ballerina Pillow - Part Two

I have a part two to share of my ballerina pillow project.  You can read part one here.  You may remember I was figuring out all the different colors I was going to use on this project. There are three different ballet costumes to stitch. 

I have started with the center costume, and stitched it in two shades of green.  The bodice and ribbon on the hanger are in DMC #954 and the skirt is in DMC #369.  

To add sparkle to the skirt and the X's on the bodice, I used sparkly metallic blending filament.  This is Kreinik #001.  I think this lighter green color with the added filament sort of makes the tutu part of this costume look lighter and more tulle - like!

The costume on the left side is going to be in purple and lilac.  The purple is DMC #208 and the lilac is DMC #211. 

I plan to add the sparkly touch with the blending filament for this one as well.

Next up will be the costume on the right side and I am thinking perhaps pinks for that one.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Easter Motifs - Part Four

I have some more progress to share on my Easter motifs project.  If you want to see the other posts related to this they are here: {part one} {part two} {part three}.  If you remember from my last post on this, I was undecided on which green color to use for the leaves and grass. 
After some experimenting, I used a combination of two colors.  These two beautiful greens:

The light green is DMC #907 and the darker green is DMC #906.
Here is how I combined them.  I cut a length of each of the colors.

Then I separated the strands of each color from six strands into two sets of three strands:

I separated the strands in each set into single strands:

Next I arranged the single strands alternating the light and dark:

When I had the all arranged, I threaded my needle with the six strands. 

This is a really nice technique because the combination of colors gives an interesting dimension to the featureless leaves and grass.  I think it solved my problem of not having enough definition between the flower stems and the leaves.  I really like the effect this combined floss gives on the little grass blades.  I used a straight stitch for each blade. 

Now to finish the eggs!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ballerina Pillow - Part One

I am starting a new embroidery / sewing project!  It is going to be a rectangular pillow. 
For the embroidery, I am using some motifs from the Ballerina pattern.  I have set out three ballet costumes and a border.  These will go on the pillow front. 
I like to arrange the motifs on this cutting mat, it has helpful lines to follow to keep everything straight!  Then I tape them into place, put my fabric over the top and trace the images with a water soluble marker.

Next step is deciding on my colors.  I know the hangers will all be in black but as for everything else....hmmm...I like this color palette and I really love the green and black together.

I have started the middle costume and am using two shades of green.  Looking through my floss colors, I found this beautiful one - it is a metallic jewel effects floss with glints of green, pink, blue, lavender and gold.  I think I may use it too! 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fourth Of July

I have a new pattern set in my Etsy shop!  This one is titled the 4th Of July. 
I don't think it is too early to start some patriotic stitching.  I love celebrating the fourth, and I have a fun project in the planning stage that will involve a lot of stitching and use this lovely pom-pom trim.  The red on this trim is so vibrant, I am shopping around for an equally rich blue trim to add.

Here is a picture of the pattern set: