Thursday, August 17, 2017

Threaded Running Stitch

 The Threaded Running Stitch is the latest stitch I have learned on my 100 Stitches Plus journey.

As you can see by the picture {and figure out from the name}, this stitch is formed of two rows of Running Stitch that are threaded.  The threading can be done with a contrasting color floss.

To demonstrate this stitch, I chose two different floss colors.  For the two rows of Running Stitch, I used DMC color variations 4022. For the threading, I used DMC 995.  Both are perle cotton floss.

For the best looking result, I found it was a good idea to draw two parallel guidelines to keep the stitching straight and evenly spaced.  These two lines are 1/4" apart:

The first step is stitching the two rows of Running Stitch:

Notice these stitches line up so that the top and bottom match.  This makes it easier to thread them as "sets" of stitches:

Now for the threading:

I started at the left edge of the bottom line of Straight Stitches.  I came up through the fabric right under the first Straight Stitch:

I pulled the floss all the way through and then slid the needle under that first Running Stitch and over the first Running Stitch on the top row:

I pulled the floss all the way through:

Then I slid the needle under the top Running Stitch and under the bottom Running Stitch:

I gently pulled the floss all the way through:

Now for the next set of Running Stitches, I slid the needle under the bottom stitch and over the top stitch:

Then I pulled the floss through, being careful not to pull the whole way - this is so a nice loop will form under the bottom line of Running Stitches. 

I next slid the needle under the top and then the bottom stitch:

I continued lacing each set of Running Stitches in the same way:

and when I reached the last set, I went back into the fabric directly under the bottom Running Stitch:


Here is a look at the underside of the stitch:

I think this is such a beautiful addition to the Running Stitch.  Two others I have learned are the Laced Running Stitch and the Whipped Running Stitch.  You can see those in a previous post here {here}. 

I found this stitch in the book Embroidery Stitches by Mary Webb.


Darla Mae said...

Hi Kim~

You are right, this is a beautiful stitch. It looks more complicated than it is. You did a great tutorial for it. It helps how you show it from beginning to end. I love learning about all these different stitches.

Thanks, Darlene

Kim said...

Hi Darlene :) Thank you!