Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Embroidered Easter Table Napkins and Linens

These three motifs are from my Easter embroidery pattern set.  The pieces are: a left hand corner decoration, a right hand corner decoration and a center decoration.  I am experimenting with using them together for some Easter table linens.  I think they can work on a table runner or napkins:

The flowers are so easy to embroider, I should be able to finish either option by Easter.  {Lazy Daisy Stitch / Blanket Stitch / French Knots}

I am using a simple, pastel color palette too.  Here are the numbers:

I took this picture from my Camellia a few days ago - I am hoping the blooms will last through Easter!  

Monday, March 18, 2024

Butterfly Garden Embroidery Project

 This embroidery is from my Butterfly Garden pattern set.  

This is a fairly good sized motif, 5.5" vertically and 5" horizontally.  

All of the stems are done with Stem Stitch.  The green leaves are Fish Bone Stitch and the blue leaves are Lazy Daisy Stitch.

The lilac colored dots are French Knots.  The lilac and green flowers are Straight Stitch, with their tops edge outlined by Double Knot Stitch.  The flower pistils are done with Pistil Stitch. The tiny leaves under the flower are Straight Stitch. For the butterfly, his wing tops are outlined with Stem Stitch and his antennae are Pistil Stitch.  He has French knots across his wings. His wing spots are Straight Stitch.  The leaf vein lines in the green leaves are also Straight Stitch.

The color palette for this project is below: