Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sea Myths

I have a new embroidery pattern set available!  This one is Sea Myths.  There are mermaids, King Neptune, sea monsters, sea shells, a kelpie and of course many sea myth related borders and embellishments.  

I had so much fun drawing these motifs!

Now I am transferring some of them to fabric and starting to stitch:

For floss, I will definitely be using some of the color variations floss.  These two greens and blues especially - I think that in these colors, it will make a beautiful underwater effect:

I am also using color variations in orange for this octopus. 

I will keep posting my progress on these!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Easter Embroidery

I have a sweet Easter motif to share - this little chick alongside some decorated eggs. 

I used several different stitches on this project, I am sure you recognize many of them!
For the chick, I used the Stem Stitch for his outline.  I used Fly Stitch for his feathers and his eye is done with Satin Stitch and Straight Stitch for the lashes.

The lavender egg is also outlined with Stem Stitch.  The decorative lines are done with Herringbone Stitch, Whipped Blanket Stitch {edged with a Back Stitch line} and Chain Stitch:

The pink egg and the mint egg are done with Stem Stitch and French Knots.  I used a Back Stitch for the little flower in the pink egg.  I had only used one strand of floss on the flower and it looked way too thin!  Rather than take it back out and start over, I whipped it with another strand of floss - I like the effect!

I love these beautiful spring colors in the palette I used:

Here are the color numbers:

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wedding Embroidery Pattern

 I have a new embroidery pattern set in my shop!  It is called Wedding.

This is a 12 page set with so many beautiful motifs! Here is a look:

I am really looking forward to stitching all of the motifs, especially the wedding cakes :)
I first stitched this ring set - and yes that is metallic floss...I was very careful and it turned out beautifully!

My next project using these motifs is a bridal wreath surrounding the couple's initials and the date of the wedding. 
This set has a beautiful font with all the upper and lowercase letters and numbers. 
To set this up, I first selected and cut out the initials and the numbers: 

Also, an ampersand and a dash.  There are several sizes of the ampersand and also the word "and" which gives a lot of options for personalizing a project.  
Then I cut out the bridal wreath:

Then I positioned everything the way I wanted.  I taped everything together, I find this very helpful especially if you use a repositionable tape!

Next I laid my fabric over the taped together image and used my water soluble marking pen to trace onto my fabric:

The wedding colors are mint and pink.  I selected a really pretty palette of these colors and added some sparkly blending filaments.

I have started the stitching and I am really pleased so far.  I will keep updating with my progress on this project!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Arrowhead Stitch

I have a new stitch from my 100 Stitches Plus list to share.  This is the Arrowhead Stitch. 
This was really easy to learn as you will see by my demonstration.  Basically, this stitch is made up of two diagonal Straight Stitches.

The Arrowhead Stitch can be a filling stitch or a line stitch.  Also, it can be worked either vertically or horizontally.  I decided to work mine vertically.  I drew a few guidelines to keep everything evenly spaced.  I marked off two vertical lines 1/2" apart.  I also marked a dotted line halfway between the two vertical lines. 

The first step is to come up through the fabric on the top of the left side line:

Pull all the way through.  Now make a diagonal Straight Stitch by going back into the fabric on the center guideline:

Pull all the way through:

Next, come up through the fabric on the top of the right side guideline:

Pull all the way through:

And make another diagonal Straight Stitch by going back into the fabric on the center guideline, right at the bottom point of the first straight stitch :

Come back out of the fabric on the left side guideline and at a right angle to the first Straight Stitch:

Pull all the way through.  That completes the first Arrowhead Stitch.

Now just continue as with the first stitch:

When I was at the bottom of the guidelines, I went back into the fabric:

and secured my floss on the underside:

Really simple isn't it? 

I used a variegated perle cotton floss, this is DMC Color Variations 3840.
The Arrowhead Stitch is from the book Embroidery Stitches by Mary Webb.