Thursday, January 17, 2019

Winter Embroidery Pattern Project

This winter motif is from my Winter embroidery pattern:

I think this is a perfect color palette for imparting a snowy and frosty feeling:

I used the jewel effects metallic floss from DMC for the berries and lighter colored leaves

The list of stitches that I used on this project is as follows:  the small snowflakes are made with the Pistil Stitch, the berries and the large snowflake are Back Stitch.  The text and flourish line under the text are done with Stem Stitch and Whipped Stem Stitch. The leaves are done with Fishbone Stitch, the frame is done with Running Stitch and the whole motif is dotted with French Knots

Here are the color numbers of the floss I used:

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Scandinavian Christmas Embroidery Project - Part Two

I have finished the Scandinavian Christmas embroidery project.  You can see part one of this project in this blog post. 

This motif is from the Scandinavian Christmas embroidery set:

For the snowflake I used Lazy Daisy stitches in the blue floss and Straight Stitches in the silver floss.  The blue lines under the sequins are also Straight Stitch.  The sequins are held in place with French Knots:

I used rows of Back Stitch for all the text and for the circular frame I used the Double Knot Stitch.

I used perle cotton floss and metallic floss on this project.  The color palette is limited, only three different colors! 

Here are the floss color numbers:

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Embroidered Christmas Presents - Part Two

I have finished embroidering the stack of Christmas presents {part one of this project can be seen here}

I used a variety of embroidery stitches and an interesting color palette!
The stitch list is as follows - the gold ribbon is outlined in Double Knot Stitch and filled in with Running Stitch.  The top present is Satin Stitch outlined with Back Stitch.  The middle present is outlined in Back Stitch, filled with Running Stitch, Straight Stitch and French Knots.  For the bottom present, I outlined the box with Couching and filled it with Running Stitch.  The box lid is outlined on the top edge with Chain Stitch, the side and bottom edge with Back Stitch.  The lid is filled with Running Stitch and then overlaid with Jacobean Couching Stitch

The floss color numbers are:

Friday, December 7, 2018

Christmas Village Embroidery Pattern

Christmas Village is the new embroidery pattern set I have finished and made available in my shop!

There are dozens of Christmas motifs of various sizes included in this set.  

I am currently working on this village scene.  This is a fairly large motif so I am working it in small sections.  
I designed the village scene to fit perfectly in a 10" hoop.  I think it could be a beautiful Christmas display to hang this in a hoop that has been embellished with ribbon. 

This fir bough motif would be a festive addition to a napkin or any table linen

I will post all my color and stitch information as I finish these!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Scandinavian Embroidery Project Part One

I am stitching on a motif from my Scandinavian Christmas embroidery pattern.    

The motif is a circle with text and a snowflake:

I am stitching the text in a bright red floss and the snowflake in blue and silver floss.  I am also adding a few blue sequins.  So far so good....

I will post a finished picture as well as my floss colors and stitch list soon!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Embroidered Christmas Presents

My current work-in-progress is the embroidering of this Christmas boxes motif.  
I am trying a few different stitches on the biggest box and deciding which look best 

I love the floss color palette I am using on this project.  These are not colors I would usually think to put together.  However, I was looking at my color wheel for ideas - I started with the gold floss. The triad color scheme for gold {yellow/orange} is red/violet and blue/green.  Beautiful!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Open Wave Stitch

Time for another 100 Stitches post!  This the Open Wave Stitch.  

I learned this stitch from the book Embroidery Stitches by Mary Webb.

This is a filling stitch but since you can see the fabric under the stitch, it give a delicate, lacy effect.

I did four rows for my stitching and for each row I a different color of perle cotton floss.  From lightest to darkest, the DMC color numbers are 4160, 962, 3832 and 814. 

The first step is to make a series of evenly spaced vertical Straight Stitches:

That completes the first row.  For the second row, I started with a slightly darker colored floss.  I came up through the fabric below the first row: 

I pulled the floss all the way through and then slid the needle under the Straight Stitch directly above.  Notice the needle is not going back into the fabric, just sliding under the Straight Stitch:

I pulled the floss all the way through and then went back into the fabric:

This completed the first stitch on the second row. 

I just repeated the same steps to finish the second row.

For the third row, I used a darker colored floss.  I did the exact same steps as the second row:

But this time, I went under two of the "legs" of the looped Straight Stitches above:

I repeated that to complete the row:

For the fourth row, I used the darkest colored floss and just repeated the steps used in row three: