Saturday, September 22, 2012

100 Stitches -Bokhara Couching Stitch

Time for another exciting 100 Stitches post! The next stitch is the Bokhara Couching Stitch.  According to 100 Stitches, this is a nice ornamental stitch that could be used for filling in shapes.  I think it is a beautiful stitch:

Before I tried filling in a shape with this stitch, I practiced stitching it between two parallel guidelines.  I spaced mine 1/2" apart:

The first step is to come up through the fabric on the top or left side guideline

Pull the floss all the way through and then go back into the fabric on the bottom or right side guideline.  Notice that the working floss is above or to the right of the needle:

Go into the fabric and come back out of the fabric about 1/3 the distance between the two guidelines:

Start pulling the floss through - notice the working floss is on top or to the right of the needle:

Pull all the way through - this creates a straight stitch:

Now bring the needle around and go into the fabric above or to the right of the straight stitch that was just created.  Go into the fabric about 1/2 the distance between the two guidelines and come back out of the fabric on the top or left side guideline:

Start pulling the floss through:

Pull all the way through and this creates the first couching stitch that holds the straight stitch down flat in place:

Bring your needle back to the bottom or left side guideline and go into the fabric - just like the first step of this stitch.  Notice the working thread is above or to the right of the needle.  Go into the fabric on the guideline:

and come out of the fabric 1/3 the distance between the guidelines:

Pull all the way through creating the second straight stitch:

Just like before, go back into the fabric 1/2 the distance between the guidelines.  Notice the needle is going between the two straight stitches:

and out of the fabric on the top or left side guideline:

Pull ll the way through:

and start over again:

Just continue these steps:

Until you are done:

Here is a look at the underside of the stitch:

Isn't this a beautiful stitch?  I really think it looks great in this floss - dmc pearl cotton color variations #4240 - {one of my favorites}!

In the 100 Stitches demonstration, they showed this stitch filling a leaf shape.  Because the leaf was narrow at each end and wide in the center, they made three couching stitches across the straight stitches at the widest part of the leaf.  It looks really good so I am going to try that next!

This Bokhara Couching Stitch is #69 and is in the Couching and Filling Stitches section of 100 Stitches.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


There is a new embroidery pattern packet in my Etsy shop!  The title is Ballerina.  I stitched this from the packet:

On this particular pattern, there are fench knots embellishing the curvy lines.  You may have noticed that instead of french knots, I sewed on sequins!  I have a question for anyone that has experience sewing on sequins - which way should the sequin sit on the fabric - convex or concave?  I did mine convex because I like the way it looks, but I was wondering if there is any advantage  / disadvantage either way? I sewed these on with a bead on top of each sequin:

I have also stitched a few ballerinas:

I will be sharing some more about how I used these sequins and beads in another post - as well as many more of my projects from this pattern packet!  Here is what the pattern packet looks like:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New floss

Isn't this a beautiful bunch of colors?  The pink and white floss is satin floss.  The white and silver spools are metallic floss and the multicolored spool is a blending filament.  I just bought these  - I love the colors and the sparkle!

I have never tried these metallic flosses - I already had the gold one but had never tried using it. 

These are actually a fine braid that you can't pull apart into strands, you just use it as is:

I have been stitching quite a bit with these and I can't believe how nice they are to use.  The braid doesn't break easily, even when taking stitches out and restitching.  The braid dosen't split apart while stitching and doesn't seem to twist and knot while stitching.  I love them!

I am using these colors to stitch up some patterns from an exciting new pattern packet I have just about finished.