Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Organization - Embroidery Journal

I love embroidery.  I enjoy planning a project, finding the perfect pattern, selecting the floss colors, and gathering all the materials I will need.  I like to know about my equipment too - which needles I have, sizes and shapes of hoops and frames  However, I have realized that I need a little organization to keep track of everything.  From planning to completion, I want to have a record of the projects I am doing - which floss colors I used, when I started and finished a particular project, which pattern I used, where I bought the pattern, what stitches I used, what I used as my base fabric etc. etc. etc...It is a lot of information!  I want a way to record all this information and be able to refer to it in the future.  I finally have a embroidery journal! 

My embroidery journal consists of pages for documenting all the pertinent information for each embroidery project.  

There are 14 pages in the journal.  The pages are all designed to be placed in a binder.  The pages include:
-cover page
-project page -for recording and keeping track of all the pertinent info about the project
-sketch/inspiration - to plan and sketch out designs, attach inspiration pictures and samples
-project notes - to jot down notes - special instructions etc.
-to do list - to keep track of all the steps for the project
-pattern list - to record all the patterns in my collection
-resource list - to record all my sources for learning, shopping, inspiration etc 
-equipment list - to record all my needle types and sizes, hoops, frames and where I purchased them
-wish list- keep a record of the items I still need or want and where to find them!
-binder spine insert - two pages with a selection of binder spine
 inserts in a variety of styles and widths

These pages are so easy to fill out and the pages can be printed over and over again if I have a lot of information and need more than one page

They are perfect for keeping track of everything

I designed these pages in three colors - mint green, pink and blue:

There is also a page for the section of the binder where I keep all the pieces from printable embroidery patterns.  Remember my pattern binder?  I am updating it with this new system!

The spine inserts come in a variety of styles and sizes and can just be cut out and slipped in the spine of the binder:

I am having so much fun getting organized.  I love all three of these colors and I am having trouble deciding which color to use for my  binder!  I will post some pictures when I have my binder all ready to use.  These were really fun to design. 
I am putting this printable embroidery journal pdf in my Etsy shop!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

100 Stitches - Knotted Insertion Stitch

Time to show the latest stitch I have learned on my 100 Stitches journey.  This lovely stitch is the Knotted Insertion Stitch:

This is an insertion stitch and just like the Buttonhole Insertion and Twisted Insertion Stitches,

the purpose of the stitch is to hold two pieces of fabric together:

To set up this stitch, I took two pieces of fabric, and folded an edge under on each piece.  This is just for my demonstration, if I were doing this on a project, I would have hemmed each edge!   I lined the two pieces of fabric up on a piece of stiff paper:

I spaced them about 1/4" apart and then stitched the fabric to the stiff paper with some white pearl cotton floss:

To stitch the stitch, I used some different pearl cotton floss, this pretty blue - this is color variations #4025 by DMC.

I knotted the end of the floss and came through the fabric in the folded over edge.  This will hide the knot:

Then I pulled the floss all the way through:

Now according to 100 Stitches, this is just making Buttonhole Stitches on the edge of the fabric, alternating side to side and adding a second stitch over the loops.  So I set up my needle just like a Buttonhole Stitch.  I went into the fabric and came back out right on the folded edge.  I didn't go through both layers of fabric just the top layer.  I pulled the needle all the way through and passed over the working thread:

This left me with two threads - one on the top and one emerging from the fold:

Next, I brought the needle around and under the two threads:

I went under those two threads but over the working thread - this makes a sort of loop:

I kept pulling and a knot began to form:


Now I went to the opposite side and do the same steps: set up like a Buttonhole Stitch:

Pull through:

Bring the needle around and go under the two threads:

but over the working thread:

and pull through to form the knot:

Then back to the opposite side and start again:

I just kept stitching on alternate sides:

until I was at the end of the fabric.  100 Stitches didn't explain how to finish this, so I just went back into the fold of the fabric at the end and tied a small knot to secure my floss.

Then I cut away the stitches that were holding the fabric to the paper and admired the finished stitching!

I really enjoyed learning how to do this stitch.  I think it is so beautiful.  
This stitch is in the Insertion Stitches category and is #100 on the 100 Stitches list.  I didn't do these stitches in any sort of order, so I am not finished with the list yet - I still have 22 more stitches to learn! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easter Egg - Part 3

I am all finished stitching the Easter egg

I filled in the flower centers with french knots and then added some decorative french knots in the minty green floss:

My next Easter stitching is this bigger motif.  I always trace the pattern onto my fabric and I keep another copy of the pattern to look at while I trace.  I got everything all set up, started tracing and realized I was having such a hard time seeing the faint lines my transfer pen was leaving :(   You can hardly even see them in this picture:

I guess the "ink" in this poor pen has been all used up - I switched to a new pen and this looks sooo much better!

So easy to see!  I can't wait to get started on this one.  Any color suggestions?  I appreciate any ideas!

Speaking of color, for the Easter egg, here is a list of the floss colors I used:

Monday, March 4, 2013

Space! A New Embroidery Pattern

I have a new hand embroidery pattern packet in my Etsy shop.  It is called Space!  This is a really fun pattern set.  For one of my projects from this pattern, I am stitching up this 3.2.1. Blastoff Rocket.  I have transferred the rocket to fabric and have selected some bright floss colors:

I am planning to use the gray for the port hole and add this sparkly silver blending filament for the antenna rings. 

I couldn't wait to stitch the rocket three colors too.  I think I will do the countdown numbers in orange and red. 

Here is a picture of the pattern packet.  There is a lot to stitch, along with all the motifs, there are some nice borders that will be wonderful for all types of projects - especially pillowcases.  I included some fun space suit patch motifs that would be perfect for young aspiring astronauts.  I also put in the sun and all the planets, I have a fun stitching project planned that will feature all of them.