Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Snail Trail Stitch

I just learned a new stitch that I would like to share. This is the Snail Trail Stitch and it is from my 100 Stitches Plus list.  
Isn't it beautiful?  This stitch is really easy to learn. 

This is worked from the right to the left.   I used a ruler and a water soluble marker to draw a stitching guide line.

The first step was to come up through the fabric on the right end of the guide line:

Then pull the thread all the way through to the left:

 Next, the needle comes back around to the right:

and goes back into the fabric a little ways above the spot where the thread first emerged.  Notice the position of the working thread - bringing the needle around has formed almost a circle

The needle goes in and then comes out on the guide line to the right of where the thread first emerged. Notice that the needle is at a bit of a diagonal slant pointing to the left.  

Pull all the way through towards the left.  Notice that the needle is coming out on the guide line and is under the working thread {at the top of the circle} but as it fully emerges it will pass over the working thread {at the bottom of the circle}:

When pulled all the way through a loop forms.  This is the first stitch:

Now it is just like the start of the first stitch.  The thread has emerged on the guide line so now the needle goes back around to the right and into the fabric above the guide line.  Just repeat the steps:

All the way to the end.  I went back into the fabric after the last stitch and secured my thread on the underside:


This stitch is from the lovely book Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano.

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