Saturday, August 31, 2019

Thanksgiving Embroidery Pattern

I have a new pattern set available in my shop!  This one is titled Thanksgiving

This pattern set has 10 pages of Thanksgiving themed motifs.

Last week, I shared an image on Instagram showing a screen shot of my drawings for this pattern in progress: 

This is the first motif I have finished stitching from this set.  I will make sure to blog about the stitches and colors I used soon!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Herb Embroidery Project - Part Three

The embroidery is all finished on this herb motif.  As you can see, I used a variety of stitches.  For the purple sage flowers I used the Lazy Daisy Stitch.  The sage leaves are formed with the Fish Bone Stitch.  On the larger sage leaves, I also added a Straight Stitch for a leaf vein.  The sage stem is surprisingly :) the Stem Stitch.  The dill plant is made up of Stem Stitch for the stem, Back Stitch for the leaves and umbel and French Knots for the flowers.  The dark green marjoram plant is all Fish Bone Stitch and Stem Stitch:

The tarragon stalks are made with Stem Stitch and Straight Stitch.
The twine is stitched with Back Stitch for the bows and Stem Stitch for the line.  I used the Cross Stitch to indicate where the stems are attached to the line: 

Here are the floss color numbers: