Friday, September 9, 2022

Honey Bee Embroidery Design - Details

Remember this project?  Here are all the project details: the stitch list and the color palette floss numbers. 

For the red berry clusters, I used French Knots.  The stems were done with Stem Stitch.  The crown was done with Back Stitch and Straight Stitch.  The bee antennae and top of the wing outline are Stem Stitch.  The bee's head is Satin Stitch:  

To mark off the color lines on the bee's body, I used Double Knot Stitch.

The circles are done with Back Stitch, the dark teal flowers are Lazy Daisy Stitch and the bluish green flowers are outlined with Chain Stitch and filled with Pistil Stitch:

Here are the floss color numbers that I used for this project:

Friday, September 2, 2022

Autumn Monogram Embroidery Pattern

 This beautiful monogrammed table napkin is from my new embroidery pattern, Autumn Monogram

This was really fun to stitch, I think these monograms would be beautiful as part of a Thanksgiving table setting.