Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mini-Cards From Blueberry Suite

I am so excited to share what I just bought from Etsy!
Do these look familiar?

Do you remember a while back when I made my Happy Birthday Clipart set?  

Well, my talented sister purchased the set and started using the clip-art and digital papers.  She has created the sweetest set of mini-cards, tags and envelopes.  

She is selling them in her Etsy shop Blueberry Suite.

I bought mine today.

Here are the mini cards:

And the envelopes - either plain white or green polka-dot, they look wonderful in combination with all the cards:

Also, the gift tags - these are so pretty!  She blogged about this set {here} and you can see in her post that she used baker's twine for the string - - I used this ribbon

and it also looks beautiful with pom-pom trim:

The best thing about her set is that it is a digital download - you can print it and use these beautiful items over and over as many times as you want.  Plus it is really easy to use - I just bought mine this morning and have been having fun with these all day:

There are easy-to-follow instructions for making the envelopes and for cutting out the cards and tags included with the set.

If you want to check out her fun and inspiring blog, you can find it here: Blueberry Suite 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Autumn Projects - Part Five

You may remember way back to my list of Autumn projects

Finally...I finished the third one!

The last time I posted about this, I had just started stitching this border on the lower edge of a tea towel:

I was also considering different trims to use once this towel was hemmed:

I have finished all the embroidery and instead of using one of the trims, I decided to add a line of decorative stitching. 

I measured 1/8" in from the bottom of the tea towel and using a water soluble marker, drew a stitching line parallel to the bottom of the tea towel: 

Then I stitched a line of Double Knot Stitch.  I used perle cotton floss, this is color variations by DMC #4130.

I think this looks so pretty!  The line of Double Knot Stitch is a nice echo of all the French Knots in this border.

Here is a list of the floss colors and numbers that I used for my project:

Monday, July 13, 2015

Ladybug Embroidery Project Part One

I selected this little ladybug and flowers motif from my Ladybug Embroidery Pattern and I am getting ready to stitch it up. 

This is a sweet little motif with a lot of room for interesting stitches.  I am going to challenge myself to use as large a variety as possible!

 I have transferred the pattern to my fabric with a water soluble marker.  {You can read about my methods for transferring motifs to fabric here}

Now I am selecting my color palette.  I think I will go with red and black for the ladybug and maybe some yellow and cool blues for the flowers?

I will be sure to post my progress!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourth of July Stitching Part Four - Finish!

I have a finish to share - and just in time!  I started this project here: {part one} - if interested, you can read my progress posts: {two} and {three}.

This is a 17" x 17" table topper, great for a 4th of July picnic table or serving table.

Here is an aerial shot of the finished piece.  I love the way the blue running stitch framed this: 

Each of the four corners has a different motif:

Since my last post, I removed the yellow straight stitching from the firecracker spark and replaced it with silver metallic cord:

I also used the metallic cord for the flag pole:

Here is my color palette along with the floss numbers: