Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Woven Oval Stitch

I have a new stitch to add to my 100 Stitches list.  This one is the Woven Oval Stitch.  The stitch starts by making two Straight Stitches spaced apart:  

The next step is to come up through the fabric in the space between the Straight Stitches.  Not in line with them, just a little to the left or right side of them:

Now to start weaving.  Slide the needle under one of the Straight Stitches.  Notice, the needle slides under the Straight Stitch but on top of the fabric:

Pull the thread all the way through and slide the needle under the next Straight Stitch.  Keep the thread tension loose - eventually, this will create a soft oval shape.

Keep weaving and when the oval looks the way you like, go back into the fabric under the oval and secure your thread on the underside.

Simple!  I used six strand embroidery floss, I like the puffy texture it gives this stitch.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting Kim. Looks easy. But, I have a feeling that to get it right there should be some concentration and dexterity of controlling the thread. I loved the colour you have used. Waiting to see how you will use this stitch.
Thank you for sharing this stitch. I did not know of its existance :)

Kim said...

Hi Mallika! You are right - it is a really easy stitch but can get messy - especially with the six strand thread! I am practicing, it looks like a good one for florals :)