Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter Embroidery Project Part Three

I have finished my Easter embroidery project - and right in time!
You may remember from my previous posts on this project {part one} {part two} that I am making some Easter napkins.  
I used a variety of motifs from the Easter Embroidery Pattern:

I used four different egg motifs and stitched them in two spring colors - pink and yellow. 

For the grass and flowers, I used the same colors on all of the napkins - pale teal blue and mint green.

I used the Stem Stitch for all the grass and flower stems.  All of the eggs have rows of Straight Stitch in white or yellow.   All of the flowers are French Knots.

On this egg, I used the Stem Stitch to outline the egg, the Blanket Stitch for the top and bottom decorative lines, the Herringbone Stitch for the second line and the Chain Stitch for the third line. 

This egg is outlined with the Back Stitch and has Stem Stitch decorative lines:

This egg is outlined with the Back Stitch and has clusters of French Knots:

This egg is also outlined with the Back Stitch and has Double Knot Stitch decorative lines:

I am really pleased with these and am looking forward to using them this Easter!

Here are the floss colors I used:


Darla Mae said...

Oh, Kim, these are just lovely! The stitches are so pretty and add such wonderful texture. A great project finished very well!


Kim said...

:) Thank you so much Darlene!