Thursday, October 14, 2010

100 Stitches - herringbone stitch and threaded herringbone stitch

This complex looking stitch is the threaded herringbone stitch.It is a variation of the herringbone stitch: These two stitches together are up next on the always exciting 100 stitches journey! These are extremely easy stitches to do. They do benefit from having guidelines though - just to keep everything even. I drew two parallel guidelines 3/8" apart:First up is the herringbone stitch. This stitch is worked from left to right. The first step is to come up through your fabric on the left edge of the lower guideline: Now bring your needle to the top line, a little to the right of where your floss came through and take a small stitch from right to left: Pull your floss all the way through: Take your needle back down to the lower guideline, a little to the right of where your floss came through and take a small stitch from right to left. Notice the needle is staying under the working thread:Pull your floss all the way through:Now take your needle to the top guideline, a little to the right and take a small stitch from right to left:Pull the floss all the way through:Take your needle to the lower guideline, a little to the right and take a small right to left stitch:Just continue on and you have done the herringbone stitch!
Now for the threaded herringbone stitch - select a nice contrasting color - I chose the complementary color to violet which is this nice yellow:With the new color, bring your needle up through your fabric right along side the first stitch. Now, carefully slide your needle under the right side of the first stitch but not into the fabric:Pull it through and carefully slide it up under the left side of the second stitch - again under the floss but not catching any fabric: Continue threading in and out until you have this:
These are both
such beautiful stitches! I love the suggestion donna!ee made a few posts ago, that I show the underside of my stitches as I go through 100 Stitches. So I made sure I took a picture of the herringbone stitch from the underside:These stitches are #15 and are in the flat stitches section of 100 Stitches.


Jane said...

Oh, Kim! Thanks ever so much for this tutorial. It's so beautifully photographed and well-explained - bravo you. I'm going to bookmark this for a rainy day. J x

Farah said...

Hi Kim, I love this stitch very much, I want to praise your that simple way of describing and your so clear picture tutorial... its great Kim

Giulia Viggiani said...

Really cute, thanks. I'm learning so your blog is helpful!

donna!ee said...

thank you so much for sharing all of your lovely creative stitches, step by step, in such a way that i can sit down and easily review what is next...the way your "embroidery wheels spin" never ceases to amaze me AND i really appreciate the photo of the really really helps!!! ;)

Rosali said...

Muy bonita la versión de esta puntada, saludos desde México.

Kim said...

Thank you everyone! This was an easy stitch for me to learn and it was really fun to photograph my steps. It is so much easier to explain with a picture than writing!