Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Easter Embroidery Project Part Two

Since my last post on this project, I have finished the embroidery on the second napkin.  This one features a pink Easter egg.  Isn't this floss pretty?  This is DMC's "color variations" perle cotton floss {no. 4180}.  I love the color shading of this floss, from the palest pink ~ almost white ~ to dark pink:

For the next napkin {you may remember I am making a set of eight!} I decided to combine some of the individual motifs from my Easter pattern set:

I cut out an egg and some grass and flowers and taped them together:

Now I will transfer this to fabric and start my stitching!

I am going to keep the same general theme for each of the napkins.  That means the same mint green grass and flower stems with the same blue French Knot flowers.  I will use a single pastel color or subtle variation in colors in perle cotton floss for the egg. And, I will continue to add Running Stitch to fill the open spaces on the eggs.  As you can see in this close up, I am doing the Running Stitch in a single strand of cotton floss:

I will keep posting on my progress.  I should be able to finish all eight by Easter :)


Darla Mae said...

They are just lovely! I am looking forward to seeing the next one in your series of eggs.


Kim said...

Thanks Darlene! It shouldn't take me too long.