Tuesday, August 11, 2009

100 stitches - french knot

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am working my way through an embroidery book called 100 Embroidery Stitches. Stitch number one was the back stitch . The second stitch I am going to show is found in the knotted stitches section of the book and is: the French knot (stitch #52).

To demonstrate my learning of this stitch, I am using a beautiful orange floss.  This is DMC color variations number 3840.

The first step is to bring the needle up through the fabric:

Pull the floss all the way through:

Now bring the needle around close to where the floss first emerged:

Wind the floss around the needle -  over, under

Over, under.  This makes two wraps around the needle:

Carefully tighten the wraps so they are snug but can still slide against the needle.  Do this by holding the needle and carefully pulling on the floss:

As the floss is tightening, carefully move the needle point into position to go back into the fabric right alongside where the floss first emerged.  As you are doing this, keep pulling on the floss and the wraps will naturally slide to the bottom of the needle:

Push the needle right through to the underside and as you draw the needle through, keep pulling on the floss - you can see in this picture I am keeping the floss taut - this keeps the wraps in place while the knot is forming:  

Keep pulling and drawing the floss through:

all the way....

et voilà a French Knot is formed:

This is a look at the underside of the line of French Knots:


Mahalakshmi said...

OMG!I would love to do the knots like you.:(

fernandez said...

hola amiga mil gracias por este tutorial, feliz año para usted y su familia
reciba mi c
cariño y en cristo jesus

Kim said...

Hola Carmen :) Feliz Año Nuevo a usted ya su familia! ¡Estoy tan feliz de que te haya gustado el tutorial!