Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wedding Cake Embroidery Part Two

I am back with part two of my wedding cake embroidery project.  

You can read part one {here}.  As you can see, since that last post, I decided to stay with the cream and gold color palette!

I finished the cake plate with some Herringbone Stitch:

This is such a beautiful stitch and adds the perfect decoration for the plate:

I also finished the bow 

and ribbon streamers.  I filled the ribbon with Running Stitch:  

For the top cake tier, I used a Whipped Stem Stitch for the decoration.  I whipped the cream colored cotton floss with gold metallic floss.  For the middle cake tier decoration, I stitched a line of Stem Stitch in cotton floss and couched a row of metallic gold floss right under the Stem Stitch.  I also added some pearl beads:

I really enjoyed adding a few extras to this project. The pearl beads added dimension and the metallic floss added so much sparkle.   I am pleased with the final result and happy that I kept the cream and gold color palette!


KreinikGirl said...

Pretty! Love the gold.

Kim said...

Thank you KreinikGirl - I love the Kreinik metallics and the blending filament! So easy to work with :)