Friday, March 3, 2017

Seafood Kitchen Towel Part One

I have a new stitching project in the works - an embroidered kitchen towel.  
The towel is made out of white Kona cotton fabric.   
I plan to embroider this seafood corner border and add trim tape to the hem.  

My first step was making the towel.  I cut the fabric with a 1/2" seam allowance and then hemmed the four edges with a 1/4" hem.  And :) I mitered the corners: 

Next up will be deciding my embroidery floss color choices.  Then transferring the border motif and finally starting the embroidery!  I think I will add the trim tape at the very end.  This will keep it free from wear and tear and wrinkling from the embroidery hoop.

I will be back soon with part two.


Darla Mae said...

Hmmm...those colors look very interesting!


Carolyn Johnson said...

I love your embroidery project sheet!

Kim said...

Thank you Carolyn Johnson! I do too - it keeps me so organized and I like remembering the floss color numbers I use :)