Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Whipped Stem Stitch

This interesting stitch is the Whipped Stem Stitch.  It is the latest addition to my 100 Stitches Plus list.

As the name suggests, this stitch is made up of a single line of Stem Stitch that is whipped.  The whip is very effective when done with a contrasting color floss.  
The floss that I used for my stitching is perle cotton. The colors numbers are DMC 414 {gray} and DMC color variations 4180 {pink} 

Once the line of Stem Stitching is done, the next step is to whip it.  I used the gray for the Stem Stitching and now the pink to whip:

I worked the whip from left to right.  I came up through the fabric on the left side of and right below the Stem Stitching line:

I pulled all the way through:

Then I brought the needle around to the top of the stitching line and passed the needle under the stitching line.  I just slid it under the Stem Stitch and did not pick up any fabric: 

I pulled the floss all the way, creating the first whip:

Then I brought the needle back around and did the second whip in the same way, sliding under the next Stem Stitch:

Here is a good view of the needle sliding under the next Stem Stitch:

I just continued the same steps until the end of the stitching line:

To finish, I brought the needle around and went back into the fabric:

and secured my floss on the underside:

This is a really simple way to embellish Stem Stitching.  I think I will like using this on a lot of different projects.

This stitch is from the book Embroidery Stitches by Mary Webb.


Darlene said...

What a pretty stitch! The colors you chose show it off so well. I love the texture of the stitch.

Kim said...

Thank you Darlene!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

A very nicely done tutorial of this stitch and your photos are really well done.

Kim said...

Hi Jenny!
Thank you :) I am looking forward to using this one!