Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seafood Kitchen Towel - Part Three

I finished all the embroidery on my seafood kitchen towel project.  

I really love the color palette!  I used my color wheel to select the different colors.  

I find using a color wheel so helpful when I am selecting a color palette.  

You may remember that I was planning on adding some trim tape to the bottom of this towel.  I am rethinking that - I have pinned the tape in place and I think it distracts too much from the embroidery ;)

So, unless I change my mind about the tape, this kitchen towel is all finished!  I am really happy with the result!


Darla Mae said...

Hi Kim~

I was so unsure how these colors could possibly look nice together. They look beautiful! I love the variegated floss for the fish, so pretty. The shrimp/crayfish is adorable. The different textures from all the stitches are so pleasing. Love it!


Kim said...

Hi Darlene - Thank you :) I know - I love the color combination too and it was great to use so many different stitches on this project. Have a wonderful weekend!

Connie said...

I love your towel, fun colors, fun pattern

Kim said...

Hello Connie :) Thanks! It was a really fun project!