Monday, February 27, 2017

Wedding Cake Embroidery Part One

I am stitching this wedding cake from the Wedding Embroidery Set.  
My original plan was to use gold, rose, burgundy and cream as the color scheme.  
So far I have stitched the cake platform in gold:

The ribbon in gold and the cake in the cream.  I sewed a large pearl bead on the bow:

I like the cream and gold color combination!

To the bottom tier, I have started sewing on some small cream colored pearl beads:  

Two more tiers to go - I don't know if I will incorporate the other colors or stay with the cream and gold? 
I will keep you updated on my progress with this!  


Darla Mae said...

I have only two words...simply elegant!



Kim said...

:) Thank you Darlene! I am so pleased with the result. The pearl beads are so lovely I really like the dimension they give to embroidery.