Thursday, July 8, 2010

Color - my new color wheel!

I love the fact that embroidery floss comes in such a huge variety of colors. I know that one of my favorite parts of embarking on a new stitching project is the process of selecting colors. I want to learn more about color theory and color relationships and so I bought this color wheel. It is so much fun to use and has so many interesting color facts and advice. For instance, I have this little stitching project from "Shhh...Baby's Sleeping":
What colors to use? I know I want to use this beautiful blue as this is for a baby boy.
According to the color wheel, a nice relationship would be a triad of colors. That means three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel and will always look pleasing as a combination:
So the other two colors in the blue triad are red:
and yellow:
I think that makes a beautiful color combination!
I am using the blue to outline the ball in back stitch:
and red for the stripes - I used the split stitch here:
now all three colors for the french knots and
satin stitch stars!
I think I am really going to enjoy this new color wheel and all the new color combinations it suggests! Speaking of color, I have to include this picture of my sweet pea bouquet looking so pinky and beautiful on my shelf!


Anonymous said...

You are definitely having fun with your color wheel :-).
The bouncy ball looks great with your chosen colors!
Lovely bouquet!

Libby said...

What a great idea! Those colors ARE great together!and your sweet pea's on your shelf are so pretty!

Annie said...

Great idea Kim!...I never thought of using a color wheel...Must make choosing so much easier!...Love the sweet peas....Annie

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your color wheel?

Kim said...

Thanks for your sweet comments everyone! I AM having fun with this color wheel - there are so many combinations to try - quite a few I wouldn't have put together but now can see they look good together :) I got this color wheel at the university book store - but I have seen a similar one at an art supply store.

Silver Sisters said...

My grandmother was a painter and she used to dig out her color wheel all the time. She would mix green paint in the shadows if the foreground had red in it for example.
I found a color wheel about a year ago and am always referring to it. One side has triangles and rectangles on it that show you different kinds of complements - trying out the different kinds of complimentary schemes gets you some more interesting results.