Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Home Sweet Home Embroidery Stitching

I finished up another stitching from my Home Sweet Home pattern. 

My stitches for this project include : 
Back Stitch ~ {for the text, the roof outline, the chimneys, the door, the tree trunks and planters} 
Chain Stitch ~ {for the roof lines} 
Stem Stitch ~ {for the outline of the house, the roof edge and the trees} 
Double Knot Stitch ~ {for the top of each window}. 

I love the color palette for this project, the mint green is so pretty with the black and gray.

Here are the floss colors and numbers that I used:


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Another sweet house. Are you making a Quilt?

Kim said...

Carol - Thank you :) I hadn't planned to but that is a great idea!! I have six different houses in this set so it would make a nice quilt - thanks!

Cyra said...

Absolutely gorgeous. A cute place to call home for sure. Love this design.

Kim said...

Hi Cyra :) Thank you!