Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wedding Wreath - Part Two

Do you remember the wedding wreath I started stitching?  I first posted about it here

Since that post, I have finished the wreath.  I think the colors are beautiful together.  Very feminine:

Inside the wreath, I added the bridal couple's initials and their wedding date:

I cut and pasted these letters and numbers from the Wedding embroidery pattern. 

I actually started stitching the initials before I started the wreath stitching but I didn't know if I wanted all the text in mint.  It might look like too much of one color?
I decided to stitch the whole wreath first and then decide: 

Here are the colors I used for the wreath - mint, light and dark pink, and {for sparkle} blending filament. Now I just need to make a decision for the text color! 


Anonymous said...

This is so lovely! I like how delicate the wreath is. Your work is wonderful - thank you so much for sharing!

Kim said...

The Stitch Up - Thank you!! I like the delicacy too - I am only using three strands of the mint floss with two strands of the blending filament. I am working hard to finish this one - I will post a picture when it is complete!

Our photos said...

Looks lovely!

Kim said...

Hello Suzi - Thank you!