Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ballerina Pillow Project - Part Four

I have made quite a bit of progress on my ballerina pillow project. 

You can read my other posts about this project here: {part one} {part two} {part three

I finished the top border motif. 

Here is a closer look - I used the chain stitch, back stitch, stem stitch and double knot stitch:

I have also finished all the ballet costumes. 

Since my last post, I have made a few changes to the purple costume. 

If you have been following this project, you may have noticed that in previous posts the purple costume had wide shoulder straps:

I decided I didn't like the way those looked after I had filled in the bodice of the costume, so I cut the purple stitching on the straps out.  I decided that double spaghetti straps stitched in the lavender of the tutu would look better.  I started to make the change....

and then realized you should be able to see the hanger between the spaghetti straps - I hadn't stitched it before because it had been covered by the wider straps - so I had to stitch the missing parts of the hanger first!

Then I stitched each of the spaghetti straps with a single straight stitch

that I couched with this beautiful blending filament that adds so much sparkle:

Next, I washed out all the water soluble marker:

and stretched the fabric out to dry:

It is really beautiful!

I will be back with another post on my next steps with this project!


Unknown said...

Kim, dear,

But how was this gorgeous design.

The colors, the points that you used ... gave lightness!

Congratulations, loved!


Ligia e = ^. ^ =

Diana Art said...


Kim said...

Ligia - Thank you! I love these colors together :)
Diana P. - Thanks!

Darlene said...

Wow!! It turned out so much better than I imagined!! It truly is Fabulous!!!! The border is gorgeous!!!

Sondra said...

I love your top border motive! I would want to put it on everything; it's so gorgeous!!!

Kim said...

Darlene - Thank you! I am really happy with the results too - I can't wait to start the back of the pillow.
Sondra - Thank you!!