Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Triceratops Project - Part One

These beautiful colors are some I am considering for the color palette of my new stitching project. 

I am going to be embroidering this triceratops.  This is from my Dinosaur pattern.  To compose a scene to embroider, I have cut out the triceratops figure, the text, and some trees and foliage: 

 I also cut out two different volcanoes; one that is active - starting to erupt! - and one with the sun or moon and clouds around it.  I don't know yet if I will add either of these:

After I select all my motifs to embroider, I will carefully arrange them on my cutting mat and tape them in place.  Next, I will lay my fabric over them and trace the motifs onto my fabric:

Then I will be on to one of my favorite parts of a stitching project, selecting the floss colors!  I have already stitched a T-Rex from this pattern {you can read about that here} and I want the floss colors I select to match that project. 

The yellow, red and oranges will be perfect if I choose to stitch the erupting volcano!


Darlene said...

I love all those colors together! I can't wait to see the progress as you move along in this project.

Thanks you for telling us the steps you take to make these projects. It helps.

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Amo estas cores!
Qualquer projeto com elas ficará lindo!
Um abraço!
Love these colors!
Any project with them will be beautiful!

Kim said...

Thank you Darlene! I love these colors too and you are welcome, I will post my next steps on this one soon :)
Eglea - Thank you! These colors are some of my favorites!

By Neymes said...

Eu simplismente amei,você ser muito criativa,parabéns.Beijo.Valéria.

Kim said...

Olá Valeria :) Obrigado! Eu aprecio a sua bela mensagem!

dandelion said...

I love your dinosaur designs. And great for a boy!

Kim said...

Kate - Thanks! :)

Ana Love Craft said...

Hi Kim, gorgeous colors!I love your new designs!
I have a giveaway on my blog to celebrate my 500 followers if you like to participate have a look on:
Have a fabulous weekend!
Hugs from Portugal,
Ana Love Craft

Unknown said...

Kim , será uma aventura bordar esses grandes cores para o vulcão são lindas. Tenha um ótimo final de semana! Bjim Lígia e=^.^=

Kim said...

Thank you Ana - Congratulations!!!
Have a wonderful weekend :)
Obrigado Ligia! Eu gosto das cores também. Estou ansioso para bordar estes dinossauros.