Tuesday, July 29, 2014

100 Stitches - Overcast Bars

Overcast bars - this is the next stitch on my 100 Stitches list.   

This is a really beautiful stitch and one I found very easy to learn.  At least my version!  The instructions were not very clear on beginning and ending the stitch so I improvised and I think it looks just fine:


This stitch is from the Drawn Thread Embroidery category, so I used medium to loose weave linen fabric.  For the floss, I used perle cotton, this is color variations DMC #4180. 

The first step is to draw out the horizontal threads in the section to be stitched.  The vertical threads are left in place and the overcasting is done around them.

According to the picture in 100 Stitches, this stitch is worked from right to left. 

I brought the needle up through the fabric at the bottom of the right side of the stitching area:

I pulled the floss all the way through and then carefully slid the needle behind four of the vertical threads:

I pulled the floss all the way through:

And then brought the needle back around and slid the needle behind the same four threads. 

I drew the floss tight and that made the first overcast stitch:

I just continued overcast stitching all the way to the top of the four threads:

Then I slid the needle behind the next four threads and overcast stitched them in the same way as the first group:

I continued in the same way overcast stitching each group.  When I was done, I went back into the fabric and tied a knot on the underside. 

Here is a look at the underside of the stitching:

Isn't this a beautiful stitch?  I love it in this pink color variations floss. 

I also wanted to try this in white floss:

I like it in white too! 

Overcast Bars is #81 on the 100 Stitches list and in in the Drawn Thread Embroidery Category.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

How would you you use this stitch? In clothing maybe?

Kim said...

Hi Miss Paula - I was wondering the same thing! The description for this stitch in 100 Stitches says that this stitch is typically used in Hardanger Embroidery. That is why I wanted to try it in white floss on white fabric. I think it would be beautiful used on table linens!

Lilasesazuis Gata said...

Adoro esses belos pontos de crivo.

Rosa ou branco, lindos!

Grata por compartilhar.

Querida Kim, tenha um ótimo final de semana,


Lígia e =^.^=

Kim said...

Olá Ligia - Obrigado! Eu amo tanto as cores também :) Tenha um fim de semana maravilhoso!