Friday, May 9, 2014

Fourth Of July

I have a new pattern set in my Etsy shop!  This one is titled the 4th Of July. 
I don't think it is too early to start some patriotic stitching.  I love celebrating the fourth, and I have a fun project in the planning stage that will involve a lot of stitching and use this lovely pom-pom trim.  The red on this trim is so vibrant, I am shopping around for an equally rich blue trim to add.

Here is a picture of the pattern set:


Наталья Снежная said...

bright! stylish! original!

Kim said...

Наталья Снежная : Thank you!

Darlene said...

Very interesting! Funny, I never thought about embroidering something for the Fourth...but why not?! I love the hat, so pretty!

Kim said...

Thanks Darlene, I think I am going to be stitching a small table runner and some tea towels to use on the fourth. It would be fun to stitch on an apron to wear while you barbeque too!