Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Easter Motifs - Part Four

I have some more progress to share on my Easter motifs project.  If you want to see the other posts related to this they are here: {part one} {part two} {part three}.  If you remember from my last post on this, I was undecided on which green color to use for the leaves and grass. 
After some experimenting, I used a combination of two colors.  These two beautiful greens:

The light green is DMC #907 and the darker green is DMC #906.
Here is how I combined them.  I cut a length of each of the colors.

Then I separated the strands of each color from six strands into two sets of three strands:

I separated the strands in each set into single strands:

Next I arranged the single strands alternating the light and dark:

When I had the all arranged, I threaded my needle with the six strands. 

This is a really nice technique because the combination of colors gives an interesting dimension to the featureless leaves and grass.  I think it solved my problem of not having enough definition between the flower stems and the leaves.  I really like the effect this combined floss gives on the little grass blades.  I used a straight stitch for each blade. 

Now to finish the eggs!


Anonymous said...

Muito legal essa idéia de misturar as cores. Nunca teria imaginado isso,e o mais legal é que da para criar infinitas tonalidades de cores. Vou usar essa técnica a partir de hoje bjs.

Ana Love Craft said...

Hello Kim, this is a great idea!The leaves look so real! The embroidery is so beautiful!
Have a fabulous day!
Hugs from Portugal,
Ana Love Craft

MomWaldsPlace said...

Love, love, your greens! That is how the grass and leaves look at just the right time in the afternoon, when the sun is at my favorite spot.

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

What a great idea!! I love this combination of greens. Beautiful embroidery!

Kim said...

Cida Silva - Obrigado! Esta é uma técnica maravilhosa para tentar. Se você usar a técnica, eu sou feliz!
Ana - Thank you, I think this is a really good technique to use for leaves, grass and stems all in the same area :)
Mary - :) Thanks! I love all the different greens - especially in spring.
Silvia - Thank you!

Angela Lee said...

Very creative, and I love the effect!! It's coming along nicely.

Kim said...

Thank you Angela :) - I am really happy with the effect!

Mãos e manias said...

Really nice!!!

Kim said...

Maos e manias - :) Thank you!