Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New hoops, floss and...

Last week I bought some new embroidery hoops. This brings my "collection" up to 10. I mostly have wooden hoops, the largest of which is 12-1/2" diameter and the smallest, 3-1/4". I even have an oval wooden hoop. I love the wooden hoops but now I am really loving using these new plastic hoops. These are the 7", 8" and 10":
Here is what the 10" looks like as two hoops. You might notice that one of these two hoops looks a little different. The hoop with the screw is just like a regular embroidery hoop. But the rim of the hoop that you place the fabric on has an edge that extends out a little larger than the hoop.
This acts like a little platform for your fabric to rest on.
The hoop with the screw then opens up wide enough to go over the bottom hoop and fabric. When you tighten the screw, top hoop sits just up under the extended edge of the bottom hoop. This set-up makes the snuggest, smoothest surface for stitching.
I also bought some new floss. These are such pretty colors - do they remind you of anything? Maybe colors you would use to stitch a gingerbread cottage or gingerbread man? I have a new pattern in the works!


Anonymous said...

Nice! I have always used wooden hoops but maybe it's time to try out the plastic ones :-)


Libby said...

Your hoops always look so pretty!! How do you determine which size to use on a project? I keep using my little 4 inch. I can't wait to see the new pattern!!

big B said...

Heidi - I think you will love using the plastic ones. They just make and keep such a smooth work surface. I seem to always be adjusting and tightening my wooden ones!
Libby - Thanks! I usually use a 7 or 8" hoop. Bigger than that makes my hands and arms tired holding onto it! But sometimes the fabric that I am working on is too small to fit in the 7 or 8 so I use the smaller ones. I find that if they are really small - like my 3-1/4", it is hard to manipulate the needle around underneath the fabric inside the hoop. I also have an oval hoop that is good for some projects. I know you have done such beautiful pillowcases - you would probably really like an oval hoop. You can get much closer to the edge of the pillowcase while still having a nice big surface to stitch on.

Annie said...

Ohhhh....can't wait to see your new pattern!...Annie

Jennie said...

Just saw the new pattern in the works and I'm so excited for it! Can't wait - count on me to buy it.