Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some garden pictures:

I wanted to share a few pictures from my garden. This is a pale yellow snapdragon - I started these from seed. It is really easy - the seeds are so tiny you don't even put dirt over the top of them, just lightly press them onto the soil My roses didn't really like the cool wet spring we had but you wouldn't know it from these next two blooms. This rose is "Queen Elizabeth".
This is "Ingrid Bergman". This is one of my all-time favorite roses. The deep red color is so beautiful - the buds almost look like velvet and then they bloom into this:
I also planted tomatoes from seed: I have a lot of tomato flowers and some tomatoes! I hope these will ripen - the pacific northwest isn't known for it's summer heat!
I also planted zucchini and hubbard squash and sweet corn. If my corn ever develops any ears I will post a picture :)

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Mom Walds Place said...

Thanks for sharing your bloom with us. Mine are getting chewed, so it's nice to see something fresh and unblemished.

Fresh, like your stitching!