Tuesday, July 27, 2010

100 Stitches - Zig-Zag Coral Stitch

Here is the Zig-Zag Coral Stitch. This is the latest stitch on my attempt to work through 100 Stitches! I used my brand new floss for this stitch:
It is perle cotton DMC #335. Isn't it beautiful? I bought this last week... along with some other items that I will show a bit later. But now onto the stitching! For this demonstration I am using the #24 chenille needle. You might also notice I already have two parallel lines drawn on my fabric. Hopefully, this will keep my stitches in line as I demonstrate. My practice stitching was all over the place! This stitch is done from right to left. The first step of the stitch is exactly like the coral stitch. You come up through your fabric, and then keeping the floss in place you slide your needle under the floss without catching it and bring the tip of the needle over the floss, forming a loop: Then you pull the floss all the way through forming a raised knot:
Here is where it turns into the zig-zag coral stitch. You now bring your floss over to the other parallel line at a bit of a diagonal and you slip the needle under the floss and then over the floss, again forming a loop:
Pull the floss through forming another raised knot:
then go back to the first line and form a regular coral stitch knot and just continue back and forth along your stitching line:
Until you have a nice line of stitches!
This was a fairly easy stitch for me to learn, I love the finished line of stitching - it looks like lacing. This stitch is #55 and is in the knotted stitch category of 100 Stitches.


Gina said...

Nice! This could be handy for lots of things. Oooh. Know what could be cool? Trying this with another color floss right next to it, like inside it. You know what I mean? It would produce an awesome texture. Could look like it's woven together almost.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! Thank you for a great "how to", I love your close up photos!


Libby said...

I agree with Gina and Sewing Daisies! I have learned so much from your site! Your pics are always so great!! Pretty stitches!!

Kim said...

Thanks for your nice comments! I think this is going to turn out to be a very versatile stitch.

Vanessa said...

Very cool stitch. Love the sheen of the pearl cotton

pussman and co said...

I am going to try this one! :)

Kim said...

Vanessa - I love the pearl cotton sheen too!
pussman - Good! It is fun and makes such a beautiful stitching line.