Tuesday, August 24, 2010

which colors work on this wip?

Apparently not these that I am already taking back out! I think this fire-y orange floss is just too intense a color for this image of a sweet sleeping lion. I have stitched this before all in a pale, dreamy blue (dmc #3761) and I loved the way it turned out! Now I am trying to stitch it in a more lion like color but still have it look suitable for a baby.
I have two new sets of floss, these beautiful colors:
And these gorgeous perle cotton variegated colors! It seems like the variegated colors will make a softer look. I think I will use one of these for the mane!
or maybe one for the mane and tail and another one for the body? Any suggestions for color combinations would be appreciated!
According to my color wheel, my new floss is in analogous colors - or those that lie adjacent to one another on the wheel. That would cover all the red, brown, orange, tan and yellow. Perfect!
Speaking of yellow, I also wanted to post some pictures of these beautiful crackerjack marigolds. I started these from seeds - this variety can sometimes grow over 3' high. They are one of my favorites!
I also wanted to post this picture of Rego and Berit. I love their expressions - they are both hoping I will stop taking pictures and throw their current toy - on this day their toy was this piece of a tree root!


Sara said...

Beautiful dogs--German Shepherds are so precious and loving.

I would say that last one in the lineup of variegated thread you have pictured. (4th pic down) I think that would be calming for a baby rather than the fiery orange as you had said was too intense.

My 1st Bambina ! said...

Those are lovely cheery summery/fall colors... Have fun stitching !!!
Your crackerjack marigolds are lovely, you must be so proud of yourself to have grow them from seeds and R and B are tooo cute , look at those eyes !

Libby said...

I LOVE those 2 dogs!!! and that picture is wonderful!!
You are SO good with colors that I am sure that whatever you pick will be lovely. That variegated thread is beautiful and soft!

big B said...

Sara - Thank you! These two pups are so sweet! But definitely do not like picture time. Yes - I am really thinking that the variegated floss is going to work. I will post a picture of this when I am done.
Monika - I am having so much fun stitching :) and yes - I am thrilled with these the marigolds - especially since I lost quite a few seedlings to slugs!
Libby - Thank you! I had to post that picture even though I am kind of too close to Rego for a good shot - the expressions on their faces are too funny!

Annie said...

Your furry people are so cute...I like the marigold...Have never seen one like that!...I really like the gold/tan variegated too,(4th pix) and I like the gold & tan flosses also..I wonder how it would look if you took one strand from each of 3 different gold/tan 6 strand flosses that are in the 3rd pix, and tried out your own variegated??..I have tried and it can be really pretty, especially when you do french knots!..Annie

big B said...

Hi Annie! Thanks for the idea - I really like the thought of making my own mix of colors and I will have to try it on french knots. The lion would have such a fun texture if I filled in the whole body with french knots!