Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tea Embroidery Pattern Packet

Here is what the pattern packet for the
"Tea" embroidery pattern looks like.
This packet turned out to be eight pages! There
is the introduction page, the main pattern and
then six pages of embellishment patterns. There are so many fun ways to draw teapots, cups and
all the tea accessories.

This is what the main pattern looks like all stitched up. I used the silver metallic floss for the tea tray to make it look like a silver tray. Metallic floss is SO difficult to stitch with but it just looks so beautiful when you are finished!
The covered sugar bowl and creamer were really fun to stitch. In the embellishment patterns, there is a sugar bowl with the lid removed and you can see all the sugar cubes.

So far, I have made two tea towels - one with the main pattern and one with this yellow diamond patterned teapot.
I just love the color combination on this tea towel -
here is a close up of the word Tea at the bottom of the towel.

And I am making this tea tray doily. I really love the way it is turning out!
I do think however that it needs some sort of finishing trim around the edge.

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My 1st Bambina ! said...

Lovely set... so lovely that that's why I bought it few days ago !
Thanks for the quick delivery ! I already have in mind a project with this pattern set !