Tuesday, August 18, 2009

100 stitches - threaded backstitch

The next stitch I have just learned from the 100 stitches book is the "threaded backstitch" (stitch #7 - includes both backstitch and threaded backstitch). It looks much more complicated than it actually is to do! First you do a simple backstitch - shown in the aqua color. Then you start a new thread, - shown in pink - coming up through the fabric right next to one side of the start of the backstitch line. You simply weave this thread under the backstitch stitches without picking up any fabric. It just lays on the surface of the fabric but under the backstitch stitches. The third thread -shown in brown - comes up on the opposite side of the backstitch line and weaves under the other two threads!
Here is a little closer look: it is really fun to do and very easy after you practice a bit.

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