Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Valentine's Day Envelope

Notice this pink envelope sealed with a red heart?  I just finished the stitching.  This envelope motif and all the others pictured are from my Be Mine Valentine pattern set.  

This was so easy to stitch - I used four different stitches.  The Back Stitch for the outline of the envelope and the scalloped edge of the envelope flap, Stem Stitch for the upper edge of the envelope flap, French Knots to accent the scallops and Satin Stitch for the heart.

 For the color palette, I used two DMC colors:

and I also used sparkly blending filament 001L from Kreinik.  


Darla Mae said...

Oh, Kim, I just love hearts! This pattern looks simply lovely. You are so talented. And you sure have an eye for colors, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
It looks verrryyy delectable. I agree with Darla Mae, you do have an eye for colour. This design looks like a cake icing(yum yum).

Kim said...

Hi Darlene - Thank you so much!
Mallika - Thank you! Yum :) I think so too - lol!