Thursday, May 12, 2022

Color Palette Inspiration


You may remember from previous posts, that I keep a color palette inspiration journal.  I like to match embroidery floss to the inspiration colors.

The inspiration palette can be from anywhere - paper samples, photographs, postcards or magazine clippings. I recently found this picture of a travel poster in an old magazine.  I love the colors! 

I added this to my journal: 

To add a sample of the floss and note the color number,  I fold over the edge of the page:

punch holes

and add the floss samples:

I list the corresponding number on the back of the page.  If you are interested in the color numbers for this palette, they are {in top to bottom order} DMC 3860, 3774, 3801, 319, 3770 and 310.


Anonymous said...

This is so inspiring. I think I too need to start this. I love colours when I see certain scenes or object or stuff. Later I feel bad I could not retain it. This is the best way to do it.
Thank you Kim.

Kim said...

Thank you Mallika. Yes you should definitely start this! Not only is it helpful for inspiration - it is really fun to look back over the color palettes you have collected.