Friday, September 21, 2018

Oak Leaf and Acorn Border - Part One

These are a few pictures from a sample I am currently embroidering.  This oak leaf and acorn border motif is from my Acorn embroidery pattern set.

When I finish this, I will publish a post with all the stitch and floss color information.  I have a bit more stitching to do ~ so far I am very pleased with the results!


Darla Mae said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Autumn is my favorite time of the year and you honored it well. Wonderful project!


Kim said...

:) Thank you so much Darlene! I love this season as well - so many beautiful colors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
Lovely pattern. The colour choice is good too. So Autumny if I can say it:)
thank you for sharing the WIP. Every other day I just stop by your blog and Mary Corbett's . And today both of you have posted warm Autumn colours and lovely designs.
A big thank you to you for all the feast of colours on this blog.

Kim said...

Hi Mallika - Thank you!! I am so glad to hear you enjoy the blog. I will post a picture with the floss color numbers of this project as soon as I finish. I too am a huge fan of Mary Corbett's blog :)