Friday, September 7, 2018

Chicken in a Basket Embroidery

I just finished this little chicken in a basket embroidery project.  I love the colors!  This image is from the Country Kitchen embroidery set.

For the chicken's comb, I used the Blanket or Buttonhole Stitch and Satin Stitch for the eye.

I used Double Knot Stitch for the bottom accent line on the basket.  The thin lines on the basket as well as the basket outline are done with the Back Stitch.  The rim of the basket is done with the Running Stitch.  The red Xs are Cross Stitches

The beak and the wattle are both done with Straight Stitch.  The chicken is outlined with Stem Stitch and for the wing and body details, I used both Stem and Straight Stitches.

It is so helpful to record all of these details here on my blog as well as in my embroidery journal!

 Some of those details are the floss colors I used.  Here they are along with their numbers:

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