Thursday, May 31, 2018

Flower Fancy Embroidery Project

I finished the stitching on this project.  

I used quite a few different stitches - you can see them in the following close up pictures. The tiny lavender flowers are French Knots with a Stem Stitch stem and a Lazy Daisy Stitch flower.  The same goes for the dark orange flower sprays.  The bright pink sprays are all Straight Stitch.  The dark green leaves are Fishbone Stitch.  The raspberry and pink two toned flower at the top is done with Long and Short Stitch with French Knots for the center:

The yellow and butterscotch colored flower is Whipped Back Stitch.  The bright pink flower is outlined with Stem Stitch and the center is filled with the Pistil Stitch:

The two colored green and two colored blue flowers are both done with Long and Short Stitch and the centers are Back Stitch.  The three colored peach circle flower is done with the Rose Stitch.  The dark raspberry colored circle flower is done with Buttonhole Stitch and French Knots:

Here are the color numbers for the floss I used: 


Darla Mae said...

Exquisite, Kim!!

Kim said...

Darlene - :) Thank you!!