Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Embroidery

I have been embroidering this Mr. & Mrs. motif from my Wedding embroidery pattern set.  
I added the hearts motif and transferred them together onto my fabric: 

You can see the hearts are surrounded by small circles.  These circles indicate using French Knots but I thought some pearl beads would look beautiful! 
These come in such pretty colors:

I used the white ones.  On this close up, it is easy to see my stitching - the lettering is all done with Stem Stitch in light gray - this is DMC no. 415.  Then I laced the Stem Stitch with silver blending filament.  This is by Kreinik Threads and is silver no. 001.  I love using this filament.  It rarely tangles and adds so much sparkle.  I also used it on the hearts.  One is outlined in Stem Stitch and filled with Cross Stitches, the other is outlined in Back Stitch and filled with lines of Back Stitch.

I think this is beautiful. I really love the dimension the pearl beads give and the sparkle of silver:

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