Monday, June 13, 2016

Works In Progress

I have three new hand embroidery projects to share. Two are actually in progress and one is still in the planning stages.  
First up is this sleeping fox.  
These motifs are from my Sly Fox pattern set.  I combined a few border motifs with the fox and text of "sleep little fox".  I have just gotten started on part of the border and the fox's tail:

I am also working on this beautiful horse.  This motif is from my I Love Horses embroidery pattern set.  I am working the mane with Double Knot Stitch and Stem Stitch.  So far for colors I have a lot of pink, purples and I am thinking of adding a few shades of mint green:

The project in planning is something for the Fourth of July...

I will be sure to keep posting my progress on these three projects!


Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Wonderful projects! I love this fox :)

Kim said...

Thank you Silvia! :)