Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sly Fox Embroidery Work-In-Progress

I have a quick update to my Sly Fox embroidery project.  You may remember when I last posted about this project I had just started on the fox's tail and the flower/leaves border:

Since that post, I have not made any progress on the fox stitching but I have finished the border :

The purple flower in the middle has a Stem Stitch outline, Trellis Couching Stitch inside and a Satin Stitch center.  The green plants are Stem Stitch stems with Lazy Daisy Stitch leaves.  The pale green leaves are Stem Stitch outlines with Straight Stitches for fill. The fill on the orange leaves is Seeding Stitch in two colors.

I will be back soon to share my progress on the fox!

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